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Volunteer projects


We have many volunteer projects so you can experience Thailand’s natural and cultural beauty in a very fulfilling, Eco-friendly manner. volunteer thailand with IVCA

We understand that the vast majority of international volunteers are interested in helping with local problems, discovering new ways of life, and participating in responsible cultural exchange, all while having the times of their lives. So we used this realization as the foundation when creating the many volunteer projects that we have.

Past projects have included:

  • Teaching: Many schools in our network do not have the necessary resources to hire foreign teachers. IVCA is enabling the schools to fulfill this need by setting up a long term volunteer project. Not only will the volunteer gain experience in teaching and helping the children reach their goals, but they will also gain significant insight into the Thai culture with the help of their camp leader. volunteer Thailand
  • Community maintenance: We need many volunteers thailand to help construct, renovate, and decorate our camp, schools, and assist communities in building construction for public use.
  • Forest conservation: The forests in southern Thailand are enduring increasing onslaught by the rubber industry. Volunteering by helping local conservation groups conserve the forests through educating the future generation about the importance of conservation and to create awareness of our global impact.
  • Mangrove conservation: Over-fishing is a serious threat to future resources. Mangroves are breeding grounds for fish and thus play a vital role in the ecosystem and the regeneration of this food source. Make a difference through volunteering. Help preserve this ecosystem by planting mangrove trees and educating the future generation about the importance of conservation.
  • Agriculture and environmental management: Volunteer will help us to build the base camp and the forest conservation camp to become a source of foods with good environmental management and become the international learning center. volunteer Thailand

New projects include:

  • Art for peace: where volunteers teach student about peace and why it is important and present it through art.
  • Clay house: One of our very experienced members has a lot of knowledge about Clay Houses and the building of them. He suggested that we add this as a new project for our volunteers. After listening to him and learning more about it, we agreed… Learn More

If you cannot join us by the date on the schedule please fill in the suitable date for you on the application form, and then our staff will contact you and provide you with the information on which project you can participate.