volunteer in Thailand

Volunteer Orientation

Our Volunteering projects do not only focus on social work, but also on learning about Thai culture.  Through this you will see how the Thai people live and share, you will see the diversity and culture from a whole new perspective.  To volunteer in our projects we need you to come with an open mind and a positive mind and attitude. We need you to forget about your own way of life back home, only then, you can fully experience the wonderfulness of the Thai culture.

Volunteer Cultural Training

Before you start with the volunteering, you will receive orientation from our staff and the camp leader.They will teach you all you need to know, all the do’s and don’ts, the difference in culture for people in the city compared to people in the country. You will realize that people in the country are much happier, friendlier and relaxed than people in the city. They always smile, and they have the true secret to being happy in life.

Thai Language Lessons

Most Thai people cannot speak English, and if they can, it is very basic. For this reason we will teach you basic Thai language that will make it easier for you to stay in Thailand during this volunteering period and even long after.  In every part of Thailand they use a different dialect to communicate, we will give you some examples on this as well.