What vaccinations will I need?

There is no need for any vaccinations.

Do I need to speak English to Volunteer?

Basic English is preferable, but not necessary, we can always learn together J

When should I arrive in Thailand what induction will I receive from IVCA?

We will send you info and schedule sheets before arrival.

What are the living arrangements when volunteering?

Your living accommodation during the duration of your volunteer placement is arranged by IVCA, and is included within your volunteer program fee. You will either be placed in the base camp or in a host family, depending on your volunteering option.

For volunteers who arrive earlier or who want to stay longer, it is not possible for IVCA to arrange and provide accommodation, but we will help volunteers to find a reputable, inexpensive place to stay.

Please be prepared that your accommodation will be of a Thai standard, and will not have the same facilities and utilities as you may be used to, such as a western style toilet or a hot shower.

Do I need travel and medical insurance?

We offer accident insurance for you during your working time, if you however wish to travel further in Thailand, you might want to have your own medical insurance. We can assist you with this when you arrive as well.

How many volunteers are there on a site at the same time?

Maximum 10 for all the projects, except for the group volunteering,, for this option, it can be any amount, no maximum, minimum 5.

Who organizes my flights?

You can do this by yourself, or you can ask for our assistance.

Who organizes the visa for my volunteer placement and what are the visa requirements?

If you stay longer than 2 weeks, we will write you a letter and you can use that letter to apply for a non b visa. Less than 2 weeks, a tourist visa will do.

How can I communicate with my family back home?

In some places we have wifi, there where we don’t have , we will take you to a place now and then.


Question not covered here?

Please check the generic FAQ, and if still unanswered, please ask us a question here. (We aim to answer all email within 48 hours).

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