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Forest Conservation

The forests in southern Thailand are enduring increasing onslaught by the rubber industry. Rubber farming is a very lucrative business and more and more primal forest is being cut down every day to make way for rubber plantations. As a result of this, Thailand is experiencing increased flooding every year, as the forest, which once held the water back, has been replaced by rubber trees. Volunteering by helping local conservation groups conserve the forests through educating the future generation about the importance of conservation and to create awareness of our global impact.

We have a network of forest conservation groups and government institutions that will provide necessary precautions for our safety, as well as educating us about the history of the forest, its wild life and plant life.


No qualifications or experience needed. The volunteer needs to have the following:

  • A love and understanding for the forest and environment.
  • Ability to perform physical activities in a hot and humid environment.
  • Positive mindset and a strong sense of team work.
  • An open mind.

Volunteer Life

This project has been running for a long time and we can stop forest destruction to a certain level. Currently many communities, locals, urbanites, scholars, schools, universities, and organizations are participating with us as a joined force to preserve forestry and retain the Eco-system as much as possible.

Volunteers are required to work on forest conservation and help our community-level forest preservation groups which are our alliances, they are having many activities such as developing a conservation map or surveillance map, provide an information signboard, plan a forest, manufacture a biological fertilizer, breed a seeding, spread the news, educate the youth, provide food center, raise livestock, participate in activities with the youth and people from many organizations who participate in our activities and help transform our forest conservation camp to become a learning center.

Volunteers must open up their mind to learn from the forest and locals whose way of life is close to the nature. Sometimes volunteers are required to stay in the forest to participate in activities.

How this project makes a difference

Volunteers are living a simple life together with the conservation group and learn about the fighting history of Thai people against the dictatorship in the past as the fighters were hiding in the area (near the Ban That Mountain Range)

Volunteers must live in simplicity and back to the nature, while enjoying pleasure from giving, sharing, and relationships.


Volunteers who decide to participate in this project will stay at the base camp in Songkhla, where the housing is beautifully architected in the traditional Thai style, nested peacefully amongst rubber trees, fruit trees, fish ponds, and many vegetable gardens. The food here is all organic and mostly grown on our property.

Working Hours

  • Usually full time 5 days (Only Monday – Friday)
  • Volunteer Usually Stay1 week – 3 weeks

Participation Fee

The fee will be spent on accommodation, food, gasoline, Transfer, all necessary project equipment and materials and supporting our organization. Please bring the fee in Thai currency the first day of the work camp.


What Volunteers need to arrange

  • International flight
  • Visa
  • Vaccinations


Once you are confirmed on the project, we will offer advice on your visa. There are usually several options, depending on how long you’re travelling in Thailand and how long you’re volunteering with us etc

Pick-up Service

We prefer our volunteers to arrive at the city either by bus, train or by plane. You can contact our staff via e-mail or phone before you travel to our place. Once you arrive at the station or air port we will pick you up.

Support from IVCA

  • Orientation and training with our full time staff
  • In-country coordinating team and 24hr emergency support
  • Accident Insurance during the period you stay with us
Please click this link for more information on schedules/periods.
After you successfully applied, we will send you all the information sheets you need before volunteering.

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