Agriculture & Environmental Management

The world and technology are continuously advancing. Many of us prefer to live in the big cities with full facilities; on the other hand, we are exploiting limited natural resources wastefully to satisfy our needs after we have consumed advertisement. We sometime forget the most important thing for human being; we sometime forget that we have all been born from the nature. We need clean food, fresh water, unpolluted oxygen, and abundant natural resources to maintain our living.

IVCA would like to bring back the life of good old days so we do farming and utilize natural resources wisely, importantly we would like to warn all of us about where we come from “The development cannot be sustain if we do not concern about natural resources and environment”

One of our objectives is sustainable development. We would like to see our places full of our own vegetables, fruits, herbals, ducks, poultries, and fishes that we are raising by ourselves. Everything must be toxic-free and clean. Importantly, our volunteer camp must have a good environmental management, beautiful, simple, and rich of nature.

Volunteer will help us to build the base camp and the forest conservation camp to become a source of foods with good environmental management and become the international learning center.

We have been donated a massive plot of land for agricultural projects which is not far from the base camp. We are planning a pig farm to create an opportunity for less-fortunate people for better living. We wish that we can complete this project in a near future.

Volunteer Life

We have to learn about traditional agricultural farming and manage environment to become beautiful and pleasant for living by growing vegetables, fruits, and herbals and arrange them beautifully to make our camp a nice place for living and full of toxic-free food and become the natural classroom. Volunteers are responsible for their farming routines every morning and evening as they will help raise ducks, poultries, and fishes. We are going to expand our farm to raise pigs, cows, goats, or other animals according to our capability.

Project Location

Volunteers are staying and living together in the base camp and our forest conservation camp which is not far from each other. “Click the link to learn more about the places”


No experience needed, but this work camp does involve a lot of physical work in a hot and humid environment, and just like all of our other projects, an open mind and the ability to work within a culturally diverse setting is necessary


  • Age over 18 years
  • Ability to communicate in English or full intention to try.
  • Friendly and loves to learn new things especially try to understand cultural diversity.

Working Hours

  • Usually full time 5 days (Only Monday – Friday)
  • Volunteer Usually Stay1 week – 3 weeks

Participation Fee

The fee will be spent on accommodation, food, gasoline, Transfer, all necessary project equipment and materials and supporting our organization. Please bring the fee in Thai currency the first day of the work camp.


What Volunteers need to arrange

  • International flight
  • Visa
  • Vaccinations


Once you are confirmed on the project, we will offer advice on your visa. There are usually several options, depending on how long you’re travelling in Thailand and how long you’re volunteering with us etc

Pick-up Service

We prefer our volunteers to arrive at the city either by bus, train or by plane. You can contact our staff via e-mail or phone before you travel to our place. Once you arrive at the station or air port we will pick you up.

Please click this link for more information on schedules/periods.
After you successfully applied, we will send you all the information sheets you need before volunteering.

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