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    Education for all

    Many schools in our network do not have the necessary resources to hire foreign teachers. IVCA is enabling the schools to fulfill this need by setting up a long term volunteer project. Not only will the volunteer gain experience… Read More

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    About ICVA

    International Volunteer Community Association is a “Non Profit Organisation” collaborating with various other organizations in southern Thailand. We understand that there are many paths to choose in life, and our goal here is to gather as many like-minded individuals… Read More

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    Watershed Conservation

    The forests in southern Thailand are enduring increasing onslaught by the rubber industry. Rubber farming is a very lucrative business and more and more primal forest is being cut down every day to make way for rubber plantations…. Read More

Volunteer Thailand

Time spent at IVCA “volunteer Thailand” be very rich and rewarding, but can also be very demanding and challenging. It is very likely that it will be different from anything you have experienced before. Your contribution will be deeply appreciated. All of us in the community recognize the enormous importance of our short-term, and long term volunteers, who invariably bring energy, enthusiasm, and questions that are most beneficial for the future of IVCA. Since we strive for cultural diversity among st the volunteers in our work camps it is very important to keep an open mind and be accepting of other people’s traditions and cultures. Maintaining an open line of communication is necessary for a smoothly operating work camp, and with a little effort on everyone’s part a IVCA will be one that will make a different your life.

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Become a partner

If an organization you are affiliated with is interested in the projects, and the charity work that we do, and wishes to become a partner with us, please don’t hesitate in contacting us. We are always looking for… Read More

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How We Contribute?

The International Volunteer Community Association “IVCA” which is an NPO and sustained primarily on the fees paid by our volunteers, and the money received from the schools which benefit from our programs. We also receive donations from international… Read More

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Our Basecamp

If you are looking for new experiences, come join us! You will be surprisingly impressed. The knowledge and experiences gained here will astound your friends and family. This is a great opportunity to make a difference, to make… Read More

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